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Standard Products Catalogue
FMI's catalogue of standard products includes a comprehensive range of precision metering pumps and accessories which can accommodate a broad range of continuous metering and dispensing applications for laboratory, process and industrial applications.

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OEM Components to Solutions:
Our OEM Catalogue provides an overview of FMI's capabilities, products, and solutions. 

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Instruction Manuals: FMI's standard product line are available in PDF format.
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Quick Start Instruction Manual
"Q" Pump Instruction Manual
"H" Pump Lab Pump Jr. Instruction Manual
V-300 Stroke Rate Controller Instructions
STH/Q Setup Instructions
PDS100 Setup Instructions
Q2B/Q2V Ratio:Matic Duplex Pumps
IVSP Industrial Variable Speed Pumps
"W" Option Isolation Gland Setup
SCST-01 Stepper Motor Control Kit
ICST-02 Intelligent Stepper Motor Driver
QP/M Masterflex™ Pump Adapter Kit - Installation & Operating Tips
Models GPD, SPD Pneumatic Drives Instructions
QC72 / QC216 Dispenser Instructions
3-Way Diverter Valve
RHLS "H" Lip Seal Maintenance Instructions
P56C Adapter Kit Installation
PD-HF In-line Pulse Suppressor Installation
HES6 Hall Effect Sensor Instructions
PRS-1 Proximity Type Rotational Sensor Instructions
PD-60-LF Pulse Suppressor Installation
Q661 Small Bore Tubing Kit
Low Flow Kit Installation
Q Pump Adapter Kit
Q485 Dial Indicator Kit Instructions
Q647 Mounting Base Kit Installation