Liquid Chromatography Kit ~ LCK
Ideal for High Performance Preparative Chromatography

Includes "No-Valve" Model QG50-Q1CSC Pump, Dial Indicator for ultra-fine adjustment, & Pulse Dampener. Low flow fittings & tubing kit also included.
  • Patented CeramPump® Design - One moving part, No Valves.
  • Direct Coupled Synchronous Drive - Long term, drift-free accuracy.
  • Inert Fluid Path - Excellent solvent compatibility
  • Flows from 0-1380 ml/hr
  • Kit Includes: Low Dead Volume Fittings, PTFE Tubing, Pulse Suppressor, & Dial Indicator for repeat flow settings of 0.1%


HOW TO ORDER: Order your liquid chromatography solvent feed kit as follows:
Consisting of:
Model QG50-Q1CSC
Dial Indicator Kit - Q485
Low Flow Kit - R479
Pulse Dampener - PD-60-LF
Small Bore Tubing Kit - Q661
Consisting of:
Model QSYX2-1CSC
Dial Indicator Kit - Q485
Low Flow Kit- R479
Pulse Dampener - PD-60-LF
Q661 Small Bore Tubing Kit - Q661