Custom OEM Solutions

FMI offers custom OEM pumps for your unique application specification. Their combination of special pump head designs, materials, drives, and controllers offer a broad range of capabilities providing their customers with the most accurate & reliable fluid control solutions available. To submit an application for FMI to review and make their recommendations, follow this link.
Variable Displacement
For applications which require frequent changes in dispense volumes or flow rates, FMI's selection of adjustable pump heads includes precision micrometer adjustment for ultra-fine control, even while running.

Fixed Displacement
Many processes and OEM instrumentation applications benefit from FMI's "set it and forget it" pumps . Once calibrated, fixed displacement pumps will maintain a precision of better than 0.5% for millions of cycles.

Special Applications
Special pump head designs and materials are available to meet your unique application requirements for Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Industrial, and Process applications.


Fixed Speed Drives
Ideal for General Purpose Laboratory and Industrial applications, FMI offers a full complement of fixed speed drives ranging from 6 rpm geared to 2300 rpm direct drive.

Variable Speed Drives
Provide extreme versatility for Industrial, Process, Mobile, and Environmental Monitoring applications.

Stepper Motor Drives
Provide superior performance for Medical, Analytical, Industrial and OEM Instrumentation.

Intelligent Stepper Controllers
Offer solutions from simple quick start stepper control to intelligent programmable control functions with infinite digital control capability for integration with PLC's, DRIVES & CONTROLLERS

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One Dispenser/Pump ...
...for All OEM Applications

FMI CeramPump® technology is the solution to a wide variety of fluid control requirements including aspirating, dispensing, continuous metering, or a combination of all.



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. . . Measured in Millions of Maintenance Free Cycles
Repeatability & degree of variation of a set of values


How close the average value is to the true value

FMI Pumps
Accuracy: 1 %
Precision: 0.5 %





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