Hazardous Duty Pumps
Model QDX High Flow Hazardous Duty Pumps
Model QSYX Low Flow Hazardous Duty Pumps
The QDX High Flow Hazardous Duty pump is designed for use in commercial, industrial, and laboratory hazardous applications. Accommodates flows up to 2200 ml/min. The QDX utilises the FMI Adapter Kit P56C and a Class I, Group D, Class II, Groups E, F, and G, NEMA frame 56 face-mount motor.

The QSYX Low Flow Hazardous pump is coupled to Class I, Group D, synchronous motor for the ultimate stroke to stroke accuracy. Accommodates flows up to 92 ml/min.

We can offer a pump suitable for flammable environments to NEC Class I Groups C & D, Class II Groups F & G, Temperature Code T3C - equivalent to IEC Zone2; IIA/IIB T3
230VAC 50Hz 1Ph 1425RPM Frame 56C


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