FMI Enhancement Kits for Masterflex® L/STM Pumps
Add state of the art Valveless Piston Technology to your existing peristaltic lab pump.

Kit # RH/M - flows from 0 to 60 ml/min.
Kit # QP/M - flows from 0 to 768 ml/min.
  • Extend your pump's operating pressure to 100 psig.
  • Improve your long term accuracy to better than 1%.
  • Add precision mechanical flow adjustment to your L/S drives.
  • Increase versatility by providing dual proportional fluid metering when adding FMI's pump head to your existing peristaltic pump head.
  • Ceramic and fluorocarbon wetted materials.
  • Installs in minutes to your L/S-TM standard pump head, Easy-Load® pump head, or directly to any L/S drive.

MASTERFLEX - Reg.™ of Cole Parmer Instrument Co.
Easy-Load - Reg.™ of Cole Parmer Instrument Co
L/S - ™ of Cole Parmer Instrument Co.

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