FMI Stepper Control Kit "SCST-01"

The Quick Start Control for FMI Stepper Pumps is a complete driver package for FMI step motor driven pumps, providing a wide variety of standard features for prototyping, testing or production at an affordable price.

  • Stroke Rate to 1200 spm max.
  • 7 Dispense Modes
  • 0-5 VDC Input Control
  • Automatic Current Reduction
  • Stall Detection and Restart
  • Small Size (3.5" x 3.25" x 1.25" high)
  • Includes power supply, cables, and controller


Intelligent Stepper Motor Driver
Development Kit

FMI's ICST-01 Provides optimum performance & functionality for FMI Stepper Pumps & Dispensers


  • Program flow parameters (speed, dispense, purge, direction) to YOUR needs
  • "Pic-n-Run" protocols get you up & running fast
  • FMI's "PLE" CD for Windows© helps you easily design your own protocols


  • Four Pic-n-Run ready to go basic "dispense/pump" programs
  • Software to "Tweak" Pic-n-Run or create your own program
  • Control: forward, reverse, speed, purge, suck back, ramp up/down, profile,
  • Inputs, Outputs, etc...
  • For 17 & 23 size, 2 phase 1.8º step motors, like on FMI's STH & STQ stepper pumps
  • Ideal for R&D, and Prototyping
  • OEM versions available