Model STRH Low Flow Variable Displacement Pump
The STRH integrates FMI's patented CeramPump« valveless piston pumping principal with precision stepper control. The piston stroke displacement is adjusted using an easy-grip flow control ring graduated in 450 divisions resulting in an accuracy of 1% or better. It is ideal in applications which require both frequent and highly accurate changes in dispense volumes or flow rates. The low dead volume pump head design ensures maximum bubble clearing and provides a typical stroke to stroke precision of 0.5% or better.


  • The Model STRH will dispense 0-100Ál per stroke up to 50 ml/min.
  • continuous metering at pressures up to 100 psig.


Complete Pump
Max Dispense Range
Ál / Revolution
0 - 25Ál
0 - 50Ál
0 -100Ál

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