What's new from FMI
"One Pump Does it All" Rinse–Aspirate–Sample–Dispense-Dilute

FMI CeramPump® technology is the solution to a wide variety of fluid control requirements including aspirating, dispensing, continuous metering, or a combination of all. Check out our "Aspitate-Dispense and Dilute with one pump" demo video

Intelligent Programable Metering Pump

Intelligent Programmable Metering Pump

Ideal for Medical, Analytical, & OEM Instrumentation Application. The intelligent pump includes an integral programmable driver providing servo control of the stepper pump.  With 5 programmable inputs and 2 programmable outputs running on multiple programming platforms including Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi and Lab VIEW.  Analogue 0-5V, RS232 serial and CANopen protocol supported - EtherCAT with optional module.

The intelligent metering pump uses FMI's standard STH body, has a speed range 10 to 1200 RPM @ 40 PSI with flow rates of 25 μL/min minimum (H00) to 240 mL/min maximum (H200).


Intelligent Programable Metering Pump

VariPump - Variable Positive Displacement Dispensing System

The VariPump™ uses a typical industry standard precision stepper motor driven valveless metering pump. Providing an accurate repeatable shot.

What makes this system different is a second stepper motor to control the stroke length of the pump. This allows for ultra-fast flow rate changes on the fly.  Ideal for applications where the dose volume needs to be changed regularly.


CTS Valveless Chemical Treatment System for pH Control
There has been wide acceptance for the application of Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) for the treatment of industrial and potable waters in recent years. The use of caustic soda serves to raise the pH of well water which, untreated, is typically acidic and damaging to distribution system piping. The new CTS system solves this problem.

Chloritrol Chlorine Injection System
The Chloritrol™ is a valveless metering system for accurate, maintenance-free injection of sodium hypochlorite for purification of municipal drinking water.

PDS100 Programmable Dispensing System
The new PDS100 is a Programmable Dispensing System which uses precision stepper motors to control a variety FMI’s patented valveless piston pumps.


V300 Stroke Rate Controller for FMI Variable Speed Pumps

FMI's V300 is a variable stroke rate metering pump system that drives FMI pumps from 5% to 100% of their rated flow with 0.1% adjustability.

Model STRH Low Flow Variable Displacement Pump

Micrometer-like volume adjustment integrated with precision stepper motor control - ideal for OEM applications which require frequent, accurate changes in flow rates or dispense volumes. Also available in Ratio:Matic® Duplex configurations....

IDS 2000 Industrial Dispenser Pump

Designed for precision low volume fluid dispensing and metering applications in industrial process environments

Temperature Controlled Pump Heads "CSC-WT"

Heated pump heads up to 350º F (180º) fluid temperature.

Intelligent Step Motor Driver

ultimate stepper control system for FMI pumps and dispensers