The CeramPump® - Advantage Feature & Benefits
Why FMI can improve your processes !
  • No valves to clog, leak, hang up or service
  • Only One Moving Part
  • Ceramic Internals
  • Drift Free Operation Set
  • Precision Dispensing - 0.5% CV
  • Flows from Microlitres to 4 Litres/min
  • Positive Displacement up to 100 psig
  • Self Priming - to 15 feet
  • Instant Reversibility
  • Inert Fluid Path - Ceramic & Fluorocarbon
  • Viscosity Independent
  • Large Selection of Drives
  • Delivery Direct From Stock
  • 3 Working Day Delivery in UK
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What that means for you ?
No Valves
No valves to clog, leak, hang up or service.
Service, maintenance and down time are considerably reduced. Fluid connections and leak possibilities considerably reduced.
Ceramic Internals
Wear and abrasion resistant.  Corrosion  resistant fluid path
Superior material stability will provide millions of service free cycles.
One Moving Part
The piston is the only moving part in the pump.
Unique design enhances reliability and simplifies trouble shooting, service and down time. No tubes to change.
Accuracy - better
± 1%
Consistent precise output with all FMI pumps. Accuracy is held from microlitres to the full flow range.
Output does not change more than ± 1% of set value. An important cost saving factor considering the waste generated by inaccurate pumps.
Drift Free Operation
Set values do not drift or change with time.
Long term, consistent, drift free, accurate pumping.
Precision Dispensing
Repetitive dispensing with better than +/- 1 % accuracy, % CV less than or equal to 0.5 %.
Single shot or repetitive dispensing of very low volumes, microlitres.
Flows  from 0  to 4600 ml 
per  minute
Wide range of flows. From microlitres to 70 gal/hr.
Accuracy of  ± 1% is maintained from one drop dispensing to  4600 ml/ min. pumping.
Positive Displacement
Unaffected by back pressure of up to 100 PSI.
Will maintain output flow against discharge pressures of up to 100 PSI.
Viscosity Independent
  Unaffected by viscous fluids.
As long as the material flows or is pressure fed into the pump, we will pump it out.
Self Priming
Pumps will self prime to 15 feet.
The pumps suction stroke will pull a vacuum of 15” Hg dry, 26” Hg wet.
Fine flow adjustment capabilities
Easy adjustment of flow with high degree of accuracy. Flow can be adjusted while the pump is working.
Dimensionally Stable Materials
Materials used will not change or  be affected by pressure and most fluids.
Ceramics, carbon and stainless steel, provide broad fluid compatibility for dependable long life operation.
Chemical & Corrosion Resistant
Inert and corrosion resistant fluid path.
Pump construction materials are versatile and are unaffected by most chemicals. Chemical compatibility must be verified.
Change settings with precision accuracy.
Flow setting can be changed and then reproduced within 0.1% of original setting.
Instant Reversibility
Will pump in either direction.
Reverse pumping direction while the pump is working, without disassembly
Modular Design
Interchangeable pump head modules and pump drive modules, provide numerous flows and material combinations.
Pump drives will accept different size pump heads. Quick modular online change reduces down time to minutes.
Delivery from Stock
No waiting time.
FMI will ship the same day if order is placed before 1 PM with delivery in the UK in 3 working days
Large Selection of
Pump Drives
AC, DC, air, explosion proof, fixed, stepper or variable drives.
We have many standard drives to suit all applications including pedestal models to be used with customers own motor.
Reliability, Innovation,  
State of the Art Design
Valveless metering pump experts since 1959. FMI pumps are used in the most advanced hi-tech applications and designs.
Our pumps are covered by 7 US patents and many foreign patents. They are mentioned and used as part of  78 different patents.