VariPump™ - Variable Metering Pump
FMI Pumps just got better !!  

What makes the VariPump™ different ?

VariPump uses a standard FMI valveless metering pump driven by a precision stepper motor to provide an accurate repeatable shot.

What makes this system different is an additional stepper motor. This allows for ultra-fine adjustments to be made to the shot size by automatically changing the stroke length of the pump.

  • Fine tune your shot for your needs
  • No guessing and no tools
  • No air is needed, just a 24 VDC power supply

The system can be freestanding or can be integrated into an existing system.



  • Ultra fine adjustment...... 0.0144uL per step
  • Chemical compatibility...... Ceramic and fluorocarbon fluid path
  • High duty cycle...... 84 million cycles
  • Electronic controller...... Easy set up !!
  • 100 stored programs...... Run multiple operations with one system
  • Foot switch or remote start...... Robot as host
  • Stand alone or panel mount...... Flexible mounting to meet diverse needs
  • Gang systems together...... For meter mixing and multi-headed dispensing





TSi - Touch Screen Interface:

The TSi enables to the operator to communicate and program up to 16 VariPumps on a single RS485 bus

With this configuration, the TSi gets its data from each of the VariPumps one at a time.  The display offers global commands i.e. set shot size for one or all dispensers with a push of a button...

Once the programming is complete, the TSi is simply unplugged and the VariPumps on-board embedded microprocessor does the rest.

Zaxis Touch Screen Interface

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