Micro Dispenser Positioning Systems

Manual Positioning Systems

For the precise positioning of the micro dispensing valves relative to the work piece, LIQUIDYN offers versatile mechanical positioning systems.

The manually adjustable linear slides and circular tables have been proven in many special machinery applications as a very practicable and easy method for fine position adjustment of the work piece.


  Self-Locking Spindle
  Mechanical Hysteresis <0.02mm (backlash)
  No Clamping After Adjustment Necessary
  Maintenance Free Robust Slides
  Numerous Mounting Possibilities
  Modular Combination System
  4 System Sizes Available

Positioning table lengths available: PT2304 PT4808 PT7312 PT8625



Process Control Systems

RS10 Auto Nozzle Cleaning Station

RS10 & RS20 Cleaning Stations for cleaning nozzles automatically

Cleaning Station for the automated cleaning of contaminated valve nozzles.

With the LIQUIDYN Cleaning Station, the valve nozzle can be cleaned quickly and safely during the automated dispensing process. The regular mechanical cleaning of the nozzle ensures optimum dispensing results at all times. The accumulations on the nozzle are absorbed into and removed by a textile tape.

Features of the RS10 Auto Nozzle Cleaning Station

  Cleaning the nozzle with an absorbent textile tape
  Simple, tool-free exchange of the cleaning tape
  Automatic tape feed (triggered by the micro dispensing valve)
  External control of tape feed (triggered by trigger pulse)
  Visual display and audio signal indicating end of tape or malfunction
  Compact design, fixture using base plate with 50 mm matrix

Technical Specifications

  Supply Voltage: + 24 V DC (0.5 A)
  Compressed Air Supply (RS20 only): 4 bar
  Input Signals: Start / Stop (Trigger / Gate)
  Signal Voltage: + 24 V or 3.3 V (selectable via jumper)
  Output Signals: Cleaning finished, Error, Cleaning Position reached
  Connecting Plug: 1 x 9pin SD-plug, 1 x Micro-USB (intern)
  Cleaning Tape: Width 15 mm, Length 15 m per role
  Size: 200 x 45 x 150 mm (L x W x H)
  Fixture: M6 in 50 mm matrix
  Weight: 1.3 kg

Click here to view video showing RS10 in action

 Download Product Sheet on RS10 Auto Nozzle Cleaning Station

Flow Rate Sensor DFS2005

Flow Rate Sensor DFS2005 for detecting flow failures or bubbles in material supply lines

Micro flow sensor for detecting breaks in material fluid supply to the micro dispensing valves for all flow rates below 5ml/min. A fast response time ensures identification of air bubbles and the control of very dynamic processes.

Features of the DFS2005 Flow Rate Sensor

  Flow rates from nl/min up to 5 ml/min
  Complete material supply breakage detection
  High speed: 40 ms response time
  Digital IC Interface or analogue output 0.5V
  Supply voltage 5 -12 V or 3.3 -12 V
  Flow channel made from glass (boro-silicate glass or fused silica)
  Bio compatible, high chemical resistance

 Download Product Sheet on DFS2005 Flow Sensor



Miniature Microscope T.I.M.M.

TIMM Miniature Microscope Camera

T.I.M.M. is a miniaturised microscope with numerous possibilities for its use. Because of its small size (155 mm . 22 mm) and its low weight (about 100 g) it is predestined for applications, where usual microscopes fail, because of there size.

T.I.M.M. is easy to transport and despite its compactness it allows average magnifications and may also be used as a handheld microscope.

One of the exceptional characteristics of T.I.M.M. is its continuous variability of magnification (zoom) between 0.1 and 400 without exchanging the objective. Several objectives can be attached to enlarge the range of magnification up to the limit of diffraction of light.

During development of the microscope emphasis was placed on high sensitivity of light, which allows its use for many applications under daylight conditions, that means without additional source of light.

T.I.M.M. has no ocular, it generates the image of the object, with a built-in CCD video camera, which then can be shown on a TV-screen, a video or via a frame-grabber on the monitor of a computer.

Features of the Miniature Microscope T.I.M.M.

  Compact size, including camera (155 mm 22 mm)
  Low weight (100 g)
  Continuous variability of magnification (zoom), 0.1 up to 400 (for T.I.M.M. 400)
  Magnification beyond 400 through use of attachment lenses
  At low magnifications no additional source of light necessary (day light conditions)
  Direct plug-in to a TV, video or frame-grabber respectively USB-interface
  Easy integration into production facilities
  Simple handling
  Customisation through diverse range of attachments
  On demand, with motorised XY-support
  Customizing for a certain working distance and magnification
  On demand, waterproof version (more information on request)
  On demand, motorized version also with autofocus (more information on request)
  T.I.M.M. with radio transmission and additional battery pack


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