Perfecdos precision micro dispensing systems

Micro Dispensing Adhesives

Perfecdos micro dispensing silver adhesive Perfecdos micro dispensing of anaerobic adhesives

With Perfecdos micro dispensing valves high precision dosing with with high positional accuracy and repeatability is possible, without the need to contact the work piece.

The following table is representative for a number of frequently used adhesives, which can easily be processed with our equipment:

Type of Adhesive Supplier/Product Type of Application
 Anaerobic Adhesive  Loctite 542 Thread Sealer  Sealing Threads
 Anaerobic Adhesive  Loctite 603 Retainer  Bonding of Cylindrical Parts (Bearings) - VIDEO
 Anaerobic Adhesive  Loctite 643 Retainer  Mounting of shafts & bearings
 Anaerobic Adhesive  Loctite 1878  Thread Locking in explosive environments
 Anaerobic Adhesive  Loctite 2701  Thread Locking
 Aqueous Dispersion  Eukalin 4360 EH  Contact Adhesive - VIDEO
 Polymer SMT Adhesive  Heraeus PD 205 A-Jet  Bonding of SMT electronic parts onto PCB - VIDEO
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Heraeus PC 3001  Electrically Conductive Silver Filled Adhesive - VIDEO
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Astorit EPY-171  Bonding of electronic parts - VIDEO
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Nagase Chemtex T693/R3310  Under filling of electronic parts - VIDEO
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Delo Monopox MK 096  Bonding of electronic parts
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Emerson & Cuming Eccobond G500  Electrically Conductive Silver Adhesive
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Loctite 3621  Bonding of electronic parts
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Hysol 9505  Bonding of electronic parts 
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Permabond 562  Bonding diamonds into nests
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Panacol Structalit 5891  Glob Topping - VIDEO
 Epoxy Resin 1K  Generic  Electrically Conductive Silver Filled Adhesive
 Epoxy Resin 2K  Plyteck Epo-Teck  Bonding of electronic parts
 Superglue (Instant Glues)  Loctite 460  Instant glue for plastic & metal
 Superglue (Instant Glues)  Dymax Medi Cure  Instant glue for plastic & metal
 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives  Loctite 460, 406 & 4304  Instant glue for plastic & metal
 UV-Adhesives  Loctite UV9061F  Local Circuit Board Protection - VIDEO
 UV-Adhesives  Loctite DSP 190024  Bonding rigid & flexible PVC to Polycarbonate - VIDEO
 UV-Adhesives  Delo Katiobond  Securing of soldering contacts
 UV-Adhesives  Dymax 9801  Bonding of cameral & LiDAR components - VIDEO
 UV-Adhesives  Dymax 204 CTH  Bonding of medical parts
 UV-Adhesives  Welomer UV Klebstoffe  Sealing of electronics parts

Advantages of using Perfecdos Dispensers for Adhesive Dispensing
  • No damage to the work piece, since there is no physical contact
  • Precise application of the smallest amounts as needed (i.e. 1 nl upwards)
  • Time savings, since there is no up & down movement between work piece and valve (dosing up to 300 shots/sec possible)
  • Uniform formation of droplets independent of work piece topography and surface finish
  • Dosing process unaffected by shape and positioning tolerances of the work piece
  • No soiling of adjacent components or fixture

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