Perfecdos precision micro dispensing systems

Typical Examples of Perfecdos Micro Dispensing Applications



Lubricating Small Mechanical Parts

When lubricating small mechanical parts in the automotive sector, such as exterior mirror adjustment gearboxes, headlamp levelling mechanisms and speedometer gearboxes which require special consideration with regard to repeatability, positioning accuracy and dosing speed.

The PDos X1 from Perfecdos is an excellent solution for these applications as the PDos X1 dispenses grease from as much as 50mm offset (depending on the grease type) onto the desired location, independent of the current alignment of e.g. gears, levers, etc... See application video showing lubrication of miniature gearboxes by clicking HERE

Greasing Drive Trains on Commercial Vehicles

Spray lances are often used for the lubrication of difficult to-get-to components in the drive train of commercial vehicles in order to achieve the largest possible area of application. Due to the sometimes high viscosities of the greases used, there can be is a large variation in the quantity of grease applied due to ambient temperature variances, so that the functional reliability of the parts produced are only guaranteed if an unnecessarily large quantity is applied which is both wasteful and can be messy.

With the PDos X1, excellent dosing results can be achieved by instead of blanket application of grease the P Dos X1 applies an extremely repeatable dot matrix of grease to the parts so when the parts are assembled you get an evenly distributed homogeneous closed grease layer ensuring the correct amount of grease is applied. Grease volume savings of 30% are possible.

The Perfecdos metering valves are mechanically designed as normally closed (NC) systems so that leakage is reliably prevented if the supply voltage & air pressure fails.

The fluid connection with G1/8 female thread fits most common grease supply systems without requiring any special adaptation.

The grease supply of the dosing valves is often carried out from a central system supply. The Perfecdos metering valves are mechanically designed as normally closed (NC) systems so that leakage is reliably prevented if the supply voltage & air pressure fails.



The Electronics Industry is particular strong market for Perfecdos Micro Dispensing equipment for example for SMD processing, where high-class dispensing technology is essential. See SMD dispensing video HERE

Other processes include assembly, conformal coatings, glob topping, component bonding as well as processes applying heat conducting pastes and silver conductive adhesives can all be quickly and efficiently dispensed with the Perfecdos micro dispensing valves. See video showing encapsulation of IC components on a circuit board HERE

Silicone Gel on IC Bond Wires

In the semiconductor industry, integrated circuits (ICs) are connected by delicate wire bonding to the external electrical connections of the component. Shear stresses occur in the welding points during the subsequent process steps and later during the operation of the component. These stresses can be minimised by the application of special silicone gels at the appropriate points to dampen vibration and thus avoiding premature component failure.

The conventional application of these materials is by means of contact dosing methods in combination with extremely low dosing quantities. The old way of doing this risks contact with the delicate bonding wires possibly damaging the welding point, breakage of the delicate bond wire itself either by collision or as the needle moves away in the Z axis due to high surface tension. Another consideration is the height tolerances of the component requiring the needle height to be laser tracked which can prove difficult when the bond wires run parallel to the measurement axis.

The PDos X1 dispense valve applies the reasonably high viscosity materials completely contact-free. The strength of the drop impact on the component can be varied by the operating parameters within a material-dependent specifications.

Underfilling of Semiconductor Components

Underfill is the filling of the cavities between the terminals of the semiconductor chip and the circuit carrier with a correspondingly elastic and temperature-resistant encapsulation material. The encapsulation is usually applied on one side, along one edge of the semiconductor chip and the material infiltrates under the component by capillary action.

With the PDos dosing system from Perfecdos, the capillary effect is enhanced or accelerated by the very fast application of droplets adding momentum to the material. In addition the application speed can be easily varied according to the optimum capillary conditions (geometric dependent). In this case, the control of the dosing valve can be taken over by the system controller. The need for additional control units are completely omitted.

The shortest possible process times are possible due to the elimination of the need for needle height adjustment during processing on the panel, as well as the targeted drop break-off (material-dependent after 3-10ms).


 Machine Building & General Manufacturing

A great number of specialist machine builders rely on Perfecdos as a partner in solving ambitious dispensing tasks.

The robustness and the modular design of the Perfecdos valves as well as the extensive knowledge and support provided by the Perfecdos team, guarantees that end users of specialist machines have trouble free dispensing.

Flux Application on Heat Exchangers, Water Coolers, Charge Air Coolers

During the manufacturing process of aluminium heat exchangers of any kind surfaces are pre-treated with fluxes. As part of the manufacturing process a large area is usually sprayed to save time, but the downside is unavoidable “overspray” leading to considerable process costs in the form of cleaning costs of system components, masking stencils, component carriers and so on...

With the PDos X1 jet dosing system from Perfecdos, the flux is still applied contact-free exactly where required in the form of individual accurately applied droplets, so overspray is completely avoided and time-consuming cleaning processes are no longer necessary. Also, the advantages of the non-contact application method means that variances in surface height and component tolerances are irrelevant. Radii around the inlet nozzles can also be easily wetted with flux simply by a clever adjustment of kinetic drop energy and dosing path.

Magnet Bonding

When joining permanent magnets within DC electric motors, conventional joints are increasingly being replaced by modern adhesive joints. The reason being that adhesives offer a stress balancing effect (temperature expansion of different metals) and quick fixing with tolerance compensation & avoidance of damage to components.

Curved magnets (segment magnets) are used to further reduce the air gap between stator and rotor and therefore, increase the efficiency of the electric motor. Conventional automated bonding practices rely on expensive height tracking equipment to ensure the dosing needle does not crash into the substrate being bonded. In addition the anaerobic adhesives typically used often, react quickly if in contact with metallic surfaces such as the internal surfaces of the dispense needle, resulting in inconsistencies in the application quantity and/or application pattern.

The Perfecdos PDos X1 MF (Metal Free) offers the optimum solution for such processes as it has no metal in contact with the adhesive (preventing premature curing) and the non-contact method of dispensing allows for up to 50mm offset from the component surface (enables lightning-fast application of the adhesive without the need to track nozzle position). Adhesive drops are dispensed in less than 2ms up to a rate of 300 drops per second with drop sizes ranging from a few nanolitres to the high µL range.


 Medical Engineering

The trend in Medical Engineering is towards dispensing even smaller and even more accurate volumes. Perfecdos offers groundbreaking solutions for both laboratory and production applications. Perfecdos dispensing heads are specially designed to provide easy cleaning (sterilisation) coupled with dispensing accuracy and chemical resistance.

Applications include the manufacture of all kinds of medical components and also dispensing of small volumes in the pharmaceutical production.





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