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Perfecdos Micro Dispensing Controller Type VC1

Digital Micro Dispensing System Controller VC1
VC1 Controller
Dispensing Control Unit for Perfecdos Micro Dispensing Valves

The Perfecdos VC1 Controller is a bespoke microprocessor based control unit for controlling electro-pneumatic dosing valves
such as the PDos X1 from Perfecdos.

All operation-relevant parameters and limit values can be set and controlled precisely and intuitively. Actual values are transmitted to the PLC via various communication interfaces available.

A special switching intelligence has been implemented for the PDos X1, which enables the shortest switching times and fully automatically compensates for negative effects caused by production-related downtimes.

Signal evaluation for an optional drop detection sensor is also fully integrated. A drop detection sensor counts the "good" droplets and compares them with the target number, and transmits a "dosage OK" signal to the PLC. In the event of faulty dosing, further steps to ensure quality assurance of the end product can be carried out completely automatically.

The particular advantage of the VC1 controller is that the short signals from the drop sensor can be reliably recorded and processed for the PLC. The comparison with the dosing input signal therefore, takes place within one device, thereby increasing the responsiveness of the system and reducing your component costs.

All in all, the well thought-out range of functions simplifies all steps in practice - from system integration of the dosing equipment, through ongoing operation, to process control, thereby increasing the productivity of the dosing process.

The communication interfaces are digital I/O (trigger, emergency stop, etc.), RS232 / RS485, or CAN bus. The use of CAN bus requires some coordinating actions with our service department during plant planning.

Features of the VC1 Controller

  19" Slide-In Cassette Housing
  Continuous or Shot Operation (Single, Start/Stop, Direct)
  Pulse Length: 1.5 - 2,000 ms
  Pause Length: 1.3 - 2,000 ms
  Time Increment: 0.1 ms
  Heater Temperature: Up to 120C (Max 80W)

  Certified: CE, Rohs, Reach
Technical Specifications

  Dimensions: 203 x 97 x 130 mm / 895g
  Operating Voltage: 24VDC - Max 60W
  Interfaces: USB (Type B) / Digital I/O (D-Sub 15 pin) / COM (D-Sub 9 pin)
  COM Interfaces: RS232, RS485, CAN Bus
  Valve Connector: M8 Sensor Bushing, 3 pin
  Heater Connector: M12 Sensor Bushing, 5 pin
  Power Connector: Lumberg SFV40 4 pin
  Fuse: 5 x 20mm, 250 V, 8A, Fast Acting
 Download Product Sheet for the Controller VC1

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