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Matching Tappets & Nozzles - Compatibility Chart


Please note that NOT all Tappet & Nozzle combinations are compatible. The following table shows the possible favourable combinations. The number in brackets is the Tappet or Nozzle part number.


  Tappet Type

SSR20 (61068)
2.0mm Stainless Steel

SKR20 (61147)
2.0mm Ceramic

SSR15 (61069)
1.5mm Stainless Steel

HSR15 (61207)
1.5mm Stainless Steel

SSR12 (61198)
1.2mm Stainless Steel

  Nozzle Type

 NDS Z400 W30
400μm Cylindrical Steel
 NDS Z250 W30
250μm Cylindrical Steel
 NDS Z150 W30
150μm Cylindrical Steel
 NDS V100 K08
100μm Conical Ceramic
NDS V070 K055
70μm Conical Ceramic
NDS V070 W60
70μm Conical Ceramic
NDS V050 K042
50μm Conical Ceramic
NDK Z400 R10
400μm Cylindrical Plastic
Tappet Preload
Max 60N
NDK Z250 W60
250μm Cylindrical Plastic
Tappet Preload
Max 60N
Tappet Preload
Max 30N
NDS Z250 W60 L64
250μm Cylindrical Steel

All nozzles with the designation NDS Z or V are made from STEEL.
Nozzles with the designation NDK are made from PLASTIC (K as in Kunststoff which is German for PLASTIC)

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